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Alamo Appliance Repair

Alamo Appliance Repair

Ever since the invention of the first appliance by Thomas Edison, with the “incandescent lamp” there has been a need for appliance repair. Alamo appliance repair is there to heed that call.

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Here’s what Sears® doesn’t want you to know about Alamo Appliance Repair

Kitchen appliances of all shapes and sizes need to be repaired. Mostly, after the warranty has long expired. Not many years ago, manufactures could discontinue a particular model of appliance such as microwave ovens at the same time parts for that model would no longer be available.

However, this practice is starting to change. Laws and society are changing. No longer are people throwing away small let alone large appliances like a lamp or washing machine just because a lamp cord comes loose or a belt slips its drum.


No way! They call in an expert like Alamo appliance repair.

When was the last time you washed your cloths with a tub and washboard? How about heating water from an open fire? Or preserving your food with snow?

Many probably don’t know exactly what I am talking about. Others have heard stories from their grandparents about having to keep a fire going under a refrigerator in order to keep the food cold in the heat of the summer.

70 years ago that was the way of life. It was like a permanent camping trip to Big Bear.

Today, appliances rule your home. Without the use of appliances:

  • Your clothes wouldn’t be washed and dried
  • Your food wouldn’t be kept fresh
  • The air in your home wouldn’t be at a steady comfort level

Almost every part of our lives is touched in one way or another because of appliances.

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Why do you need Alamo appliance repair?

You knew it was going to happen. That dishwasher you purchased 5 years ago was eventually going break down. You just didn’t know that it was going to happen during your thanksgiving feast while you have a house full of relatives.

You can chock it up to Murphy’s Law.

Instead it’s just simple mechanics. Anything that has moving parts is eventually going to wear out and break down. If you live in Alamo California, then you need to call your neighbor, Alamo appliance repair. AAR, will come to you and fix any appliance problem you have.

Alamo appliance repair the best service in town

Today we live in what has been termed as a throwaway society. And that just doesn’t mean we throw away a lot of paper and trash. We regularly routinely toss out a variety of things because they are not worth the bother to keep or fix.

It’s not at all uncommon to  to see someone ready to toss out a washer or dryer, or refrigerator because it has ceased to function properly and the owner thinks that it isn’t worth the large service fee to fix the issues.

Not long ago, a friend, was going to waste over $700 to replace a a malfunctioning dryer. The dryer, no longer heated and it squeaked when the drum was spinning. Since the dryer was over 10 years old, he just assumed that it wasn’t worth the cost of getting it fixed.

I talked him into calling Alamo appliance repair first to get an estimate of the cost. After all there wasn’t any sense throwing away good money if the unit could be repaired for less. When the service man arrived, the problem turned out to be a faulty heating element and the drive belt slipped.

Luckily, the service technician had the element on his van and tightened the drive belt. Total cost was under $200. That was a saving of over $700, just heeding my advice.


Another case, I obtained a $1,200 dollar refrigerator for free on a popular classified site, because it leaked water onto the floor. I called AAR, and was charged a reasonable service fee. Turns out there was a piece of food lodged in the drip tube.

This made a nice profit of $900 even after the service charge from Alamo appliance repair.

The reason I am telling you all this is simple. In most cases, an appliance can be repaired for less cost of purchasing a new unit and from my experience; the repair is a simple matter of neglected maintenance.

Now if you live in the state of California, there is a law that requires appliance shop owners to get licensed as a certified Appliance Recycler or “CAR” for short in order to safely remove certain small and large appliances.

This includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Garbage compactors
  • Water and space heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Air conditioners
  • Ovens and stoves etc.


This law ensures proper safe removal, handling and disposal of these and many other appliances. This virtually eliminates excess waste in landfills. However, this law also cost you the consumer extra fees for removal and disposal of your appliance.

This is another thing to consider when your fridge or microwave breaks down. The fix may cost less than the removal fee.

How I found Alamo appliance repair Best tips to find yours

Now if your appliance goes on the fritz, who are you going to call? Locating a really good appliance repair company like I found with Alamo appliance repair in Alamo California, can be extremely exhausting task. Especially if you are new to your local neighborhood.


Good appliance repair services are all around your town. In order to find the best service you need to do a little sleuthing. Here is how I found Alamo appliance repair when I moved to town.


  1. Get referrals: I ask my employer and a few associates in my area if they ever had any of their appliances repaired by a local service. Unfortunately none had. But this is really the best approach. Just ask a few friends, family members and work mates. You’ll be surprised by the referrals you may get this way.
  2. Look to the Yellow pages: Your local directory holds many professional appliance repair services in your general area. Take down their address and phone number. Give them a call and introduce yourself to them. Let them know that you are shopping around for an appliance repair service, but you actually don’t really need the service now. Then find out if they have a store front. If not they might operate from their home. You don’t want to inconvenience anyone by dropping by at dinner.  If this is the case just interview them over the phone.
  3. Referral websites and the BBB: You can always get online and go to or the Better Business Bureau, and search for any problems your appliance repair candidates may have had with other customers. In my opinion the BBB is the best source for unbiased information when making decision.


The way I found my appliance repair service was by phone interviews. It wasn’t long before I needed Alamo appliance repair to service that refrigerator that I had found.

Written by Mike

Owner of KH Appliance Repair and Service. I love to play Tennis and you may find me playing in and around Palomeres Hills!

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