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We are Castro Valley Appliance Repair

We are Castro Valley Appliance Repair

If you live in the Castro Valley area and are having problems with any of your appliances then make it a point to call Castro Valley appliance repair. We are here to serve you for all of your appliance needs.

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Here’s what General electric® doesn’t want you to know about Castro Valley Appliance Repair:

Since the invention of electrical and motorized appliances there has been the need for appliance repair. Castro Valley appliance repair is there to answer that call in our community.

All appliances need to be repaired. That’s just the facts. Most of the time this occurs after the warranty has expired.

Your first sign of appliance trouble usually begins with a strange sound or burning smell, kind of like a hot plastic smell. But to further isolate the problem in the appliance takes a skilled appliance technician that offers a systematic analysis.

Here at Castro Valley Appliance Repair we also ensure the durability and smooth operation of your large or small appliance that lets you know the proper repairs were made. Just having the  convenience of a local appliances shop has made many in our community breathe a breath of fresh air.

It is an obvious fact, that all appliances begin to wear or slow down in their performance or stop functioning at some point of time. Even the reputed brands like GE, or Maytag may face problems when they get older.

To fix these appliances we need to evaluate the problem and then possibly order the proper part(s). We don’t use second hand pulled parts from worn out appliances like some repair shops do. The reason for this is simple; these tend to wear out even faster, leaving you back in the same situation down the road. Generally within 90 days in most cases.

We urge you not to do any repair of your appliance by yourself. Some motors store electricity for over 48 to 72 hours after unplugging them. This could cause electrical static shock, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Castro Valley appliance repair: we are here for you

For any major or small appliance repairs, contact Castro Valley appliance repair expert at any sign of problems. No matter what type of appliance is having issues, our professional service tech’s will be able to get it working again in no time flat.

Appliances are society’s central part of home life and working appliances makes your life just that much easier. Appliances are essential, from our food to our clothing, they play an integral part in keeping our lives running smooth.

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 When your appliance breaks down, it can have a huge impact on your routines and comfort. The good news is that Castro Valley appliance repair is on hand to help you diagnose and repair any appliance problem you may have. Whether you have a small appliance in the kitchen go bad such as a toaster or microwave oven, even a major appliance service need, your local appliance pros have you covered. Need help? Click here to contact us.

When we think about appliance we often overlook the small conveniences in our life such as our toaster, ovens, coffee machines, ice makers, and microwaves ovens. But these are just as important as our washer, dryer, dishwashers and hot water heaters.

We use them often, if not more than the larger appliances in our homes, and they play a huge role in keeping our busy lives running smoothly. When something goes wrong, getting these small appliances repaired is worth the purchase of the appliance.

Attention to care is just as important as the attention we give to our major appliances. Proper cleaning, dusting, and oiling will extend the life of our most trusted appliances.

If you are having a major appliance problem, Castro Valley appliance repair can help. Of course, whether you need a major appliance repaired, we are your local appliance service professionals. We have the tools, along with over 30 years experience to figure out what the problem is and get your appliance working in near new condition.

As expensive as appliances are, being able to call a knowledgeable repair professional for help instead of buying a new appliance is a big money saver. If you’re experiencing an appliance problem, give us a call we are Castro Valley’s appliance repair service company and we are here to help. We’ll be able to get things back to normal and save you money too!

What everyone ought to know about Castro Valley’s appliance repair

When you have a fridge that is suspiciously warm inside, a dryer that’s leaving clothes wet after a cycle, or a hot water heater that heats inconsistently, you know your next step. It’s time to call in an appliance repair pro to diagnose the problem and fix the problem. But with so many appliance repair technicians advertising their services, how can you find the one who’s right for all of your needs?

Appliance repair companies are like automobiles, there are many models.

You’ll find some that only service

  • restaurant equipment
  • Hotels
  • Major appliances
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Water appliances and the list could go on and on

You’ll also find many showrooms that only sale reconditioned or new appliances. There are some that cater to both. Appliance repair services also vary in number of employees, training and licensing, and experience.

If you simply call the first appliance service in the phone book, you know the drill:

  • Open yellow pages to A
  • Find A plus appliance services and call the number

You’re leaving yourself open to poor workmanship, maybe even fraud. Instead, do some research, visit different shops and showrooms in your area. Finding that right appliance repair company that meets your needs.

As a matter of fact, if you live in Castro Valley, California, we here at Castro Valley appliance repair invite you to call us, and check us out.

We want to get to know you and look forward to seeing you soon. Visit our website for more info KHappliance Repair. We are Castro Valley appliance repair.

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