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Pricing Info

Our goal is to be transparent and provide you with an informative explanation of any charges that you may incur.

Diagnosis/Estimate Fee

Diagnosis/Estimate fee is the time to determine the problem with your appliance. Our diagnosis fee includes both the travel charge for the diagnosis and the actual diagnosis, others might charge two separate fees for this. Compare prices accordingly.
Appliance Diagnosis methods: In a perfect world, we would take apart and be able test every single part in your appliance, however this is unrealistic. As well as some equipment requires many hours of run time to reproduce the error or problem. To work efficiently and provide the best possible service and savings to you, we use our technical experience to narrow down the issue and run appropriate tests for the issue, to produce the diagnosis. If you have more questions about our diagnosis method, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Materials/Parts Fee

The parts fee includes not only the cost of the item itself, but also the delivery costs to obtain the item, including: shipping, packaging, warranty, ordering, return, and replacement costs; not limited to other costs that may be incurred.

Repair Service Trip fee

Repair service trip fee is related to the time and distance to travel to the job-site and the related transport costs, fuel, equipment, and tools. Again, some companies charge separate fees for both diagnosis and repair trip fee. We charge a single fee for repair trip fee only. When price-matching remember to take this into consideration.

Labor Fee

Labor fee includes not only on-site labor and time fee to install and test the appliance, but also liability insurance, warranty costs, overhead expenses, computers and software required to test and maintain your appliances.

Remember appliance repair is not rocket science, but it is not dealing with the straightforward appliances that your parents grew up with; currently appliances are state of the art, and require continuous professional training, and at-least 3-4 weeks are used for training. Appliance repair requires knowledge of electronics, gas properties, mechanical engineering, and thermal engineering. As well as advanced computer diagnostic and circuit board knowledge in testing the error codes and diagnostic other issues in the high end computerized appliances.


We are not required, and therefore we do not charge for labor or service call charges; however, in accordance to state law we charge a sales tax on parts and materials only.