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Pleasanton Stove Repair

Pleasanton Stove Repair

There are two forms of heat sources used in appliances found in California kitchens when it’s time to prepare a meal. You can either have electric or you have gas appliances in your kitchen right now. Many high-end kitchens are equipped with gas appliances, like stoves and ovens, because chefs say gas heat cooks more evenly. Natural gas is the heat source of choice. It’s not uncommon to need Pleasanton stove repair in a pinch when your unit goes down. Of course, call KH Appliance and most of the time we can get you on the schedule on the same day that you call in with your Pleasanton stove repair need.

There are several types of problems that could cause your oven or stove to go on the blink and stop working. Older appliances can be to blame. A shift of shuffle in the appliance placement can knock something loose and cause you a problem. Or sometimes there is an internal malfunction that can cause your stove to stop working. When you’re cooking with natural gas, it’s important to stay keenly aware of the possibility of gas leaks in and around your stove. If it happens, you and your family could be in danger. Let’s take a look at one of the top reasons you might need a Pleasanton stove repair for your gas unit and how to spot warning signs of a natural gas leak in your kitchen.

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How to Spot a Gas Leak in Your Kitchen

Spotting a natural gas leak in your kitchen isn’t hard and you don’t need special equipment. Simply knowing what a natural gas emergency is and knowing the proper way to respond to it is one of the first steps to keeping your family safe. If you do suspect a leak, you might want to call for a Pleasanton stove repair. Consumer Energy says there are three R’s to natural gas safety. They are to 1) Recognize, 2) React, and 3) Report. Those steps sound easy enough, but let’s go over them one at a time.

Step One, Recognize: If you have natural gas appliances in your kitchen, you need to know more about the fuel you’re using every day. Did you know that natural gas is laced with a chemical called mercaptan to give it a bad smell? You’ll know it when you smell it because it smells similar to a rotten egg. It’s not pleasant, but it’s effective. That scent was added so you could smell a leak and call for a Pleasanton stove repair before a real problem sparked. If you smell rotten eggs, find the leak by listening. You might find the break in the line and you can narrow down the problem for your Pleasanton stove repair technician.

Step Two, React: If you can’t find the source of the leak and suspect it might be in or around fittings on your appliance, try rubbing soapy water on the pipe or fitting. Watch for a minute, and a leak will produce bubbles where the natural gas picks up the soapy water. A natural gas leak, even the smallest leak, can be easily ignited so make sure to unplug nearby appliances and put out any open flames you might have burning nearby. This is a very dangerous situation so you will need to evacuate the area. Make sure you get your family and your beloved pets out of the home as well. Then, call for your Pleasanton stove repair as soon as you can.

Step Three, Report: Once you’ve called for your Pleasanton stove repair, you will also need to report any suspected gas leaks to your natural gas company. They will be able to properly and quickly shut off the source of the leak until a proper repair has been made.

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What To Do If You Suspect Your Stove is Faulty?

Your Pleasanton stove repair technician will be your most effective source to finding out if you have problems with the stove itself. Making that call will save you time and money troubleshooting the problem yourself. Your gas unit can need adjustments or face some of the same types of problems that an electric unit could face such as loose or chewed through connections, computer problems, or needed general maintenance.

Here are some other safety tips that will help keep your family safe:
• Never use your natural gas oven or stove has source to heat your room.
• Make sure you have a professional install your natural gas stove.
• When it’s time for a Pleasanton stove repair, make sure you call a trusted professional like KH Appliance.
• Keep your gas unit clean.
• Watch your gas stove top flame. It should burn crisp and blue. A flame with a yellow appearance indicates you need to call for a Pleasanton stove repair.

Who to Call for Pleasanton Stove Repair

When you need Pleasanton stove repair, look no further than the professionals at KH Appliance. Our technicians work longer hours during the workweek and also keep regular schedules on the weekends. This gives you more options when it’s time to schedule your Pleasanton stove repair. Then, you’re not hit with unexpected after hour charges. Our clients love that feature because they understand we’re here to help and not take advantage of you when you’re in a bind. In most cases, we can offer the same day scheduling so your kitchen isn’t out of commission for too long of a period of time.

We also want to be your first choice for Pleasanton stove repair because we’re your neighbors. We live nearby. Our company is locally owned and operated. Our kids go to school together so we work extra hard to keep in the best standings with all of our customers.

Just because we’re local doesn’t mean we’re not qualified to fix any problem you might have with your unit. . And, we know how more than stoves work. We can keep your fridge, dishwasher, oven, and laundry appliances in full working order. If you bought it, we can fix it. And that’s just a few of the many reasons why we are your best choice for Pleasanton stove repair.

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