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Alamo Stove Repair

Alamo Stove Repair

Both electric and gas stoves add to the modern convenience of the home kitchen today. And when your stove breaks down there is only one person to call; Alamo Stove repair in Alamo California.

Most folks think of the first stove repair man to be the “Maytag man” from the 1972 commercials. Here at Alamo stove repair, we are the Maytag man! The most common repair to your stove is going to be the heating element on the range or in the oven for electric units.

For your gas stove, the common repair or replacement is going to be the pilot or igniter. Any of these repairs are simple. However, combined with the electronics boards that control all the functions of your stove these kind of simple repairs needs to be handled delicately.

Alamo stove repair has the proper tools, skill and parts to have your appliance up and running like new in no time.

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A brief history of the stove

There are many claims to the invention of the first modern day stove.

  • Francois de Cuvilliés, an architect claimed his invention the stew stove in 1735
  • Benjamin Franklin, Politician and inventor improved upon the wood stove by inserting a a hallow baffle at the rear of the stove in order to increase heat and reduce smoke. Franklin’s stove was never patented.

No one knows when or who invented the first modern stove. The modern stove has come a long way from its wood burning cousin. It’s our opinion that the first stove repair were the men that actually hammered the cast: the blacksmith.

From antique to Modern Alamo stove repair has you covered

When it comes to Alamo stove repair issues, there are a number of issues that arise. Stoves are expensive, and having one break down can become very frustrating and inconvenient especially if you just spent 20 minutes preparing grandma’s apple pie recipe. If you own a restaurant this could be defecating and leading to a loss of income.

The good news is that Alamo stove repair will be able to accurately and safely diagnose and repair any oven you need to have work done on. Don’t trust your appliance repairs to under-qualified technicians. Call Alamo stove repair because we have years of experience with your brand of stove.

Your oven and cooking range are vital to your business and home. When either your stove or oven goes on the blink, you’re faced with taking your family out to eat or grilling outside until the problem is fixed. To get everything back on track as quickly as possible, you need to contact an appliance professional who has the knowledge to diagnose any appliance problem and repair it promptly.

Ovens and stoves are not complicated appliances. However, for the average homeowner and many die-hard DIY enthusiasts, the number of electronic and common parts in a lower end stove, either electric or gas units makes repairing these stoves impractical.

That’s why it’s important to contact Alamo stove repair. We are qualified appliance repair experts, so when you notice a problem or suspect that you might need repair work done call a professional, you’ll know that you’ve gotten to the root of the problem and that the repair work is completed safely. Then you’ll have the confidence you need to get back to providing real home-cooked meals for your family as soon as possible.

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How Alamo stove repair handles a broken stove

The first step in handling  a broken stove is to determine exactly what the problem is. Sounds simple, right? But it can be pretty complex.

Here are a few simple problems that commonly occurs with stoves:

*Sometimes the problem is specific such as a clog orface that you can identify pretty quickly.

*If your oven isn’t heating properly you might have a problem with the door gasket, which is the seal around the oven door that keeps the heat in and even.

*If your broiler stops working the problem might be that that heating element is simply burnt out.

* When an electric stove element doesn’t work the common issue is the element itself and is pretty easy to replace. Most of these elements just plug in to a terminal.


When you call Alamo stove repair, you can share this information with our technician and he or she will take it into consideration when examining your stove. In other cases, the problem could be more complex. Such as, a burned circuit board or faulty wiring. If you see sparks in your oven, turn the stove off immediately and if possible unplug the appliance from the wall or cut the breaker at the breaker box. Then call Alamo stove repair to handle the issue and figure out the best solution.


Your local appliances repair team will be able examine your stove, determine what the problem is and complete the necessary repairs. There’s no need for you to put yourself or your family at risk trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

When it comes to stove repair, there are many clear problems that you might notice if some part of your stove is starting to go out. One of your burners may not turn on or the temperature of one of your burners just will not adjust like it should. These are simple signs that your stove maybe wearing out. And this is the time for you share with your Alamo stove repair technician so that we can have all the information as possible to get to work on the appliance.

If you feel you must investigate the stove on your own maybe because the stove may not be under warranty anymore, whatever the reason, before calling a professional stove repair service, it’s vital that you disconnect all power or shut off the gas before begin. If you know how to use a multi-tester turn it to OHM’s. There’s no reason for you to put yourself, your stove, or your home at risk.

When your oven or stove stops working correctly, call Alamo stove repair. We have been in business for over 5 years, and have over a decade of appliance repair experience. We will be able to diagnose and treat your stove problem safely and quickly so that you can get cooking again in the comfort of your home.

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