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Danville Appliance Repair

Danville Appliance Repair

When your fridge has sprung a leak, your washer walks the floor, or your stove is smoking hot, it’s time to call in a professional. You need your home’s appliances to be working at all times. Any time wasted waiting for repairs could equal added stress to your life. If you’re looking for someone to cover repairs to appliances in and around in your home, you need to someone you can trust. After all, these technicians are coming into your home. And, what if your fridge breaks down on a Saturday? Added cost for weekend house calls may not be in your budget. You need a repair company with a track record full of satisfied customers and guaranteed workmanship. You need to know they’re professional and experienced. Here are a few reasons why KH Appliance is the best choice when it comes to Danville appliance repair.

First, our customers love us. Just ask your friends who they call when it comes to repairing appliances in their homes. Referrals are a great way to check out a new company. KH Appliance posts customer feedback on its website from its Danville appliance repair jobs so new customers know what to expect. You can also find our license number online so you have time to check us out before making an appointment.

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Danville Appliance Repair in a Hurry

KH Appliance technicians specialize in all major kitchen appliance repairs. We understand that the kitchen is the heart of your home and it’s important that it operates properly. We’re ready for almost any emergency and on many days, can get to you the same day. Not many technicians can say that. We service all major brands of appliances and come to your home or business to get the job done.

  • Refrigerator – From ice makers to a fridge that can’t keep cool anymore. When your fridge is on the fritz, you need a quick repair so you don’t lose all your frozen meat.
  • Dishwasher – From leaks to racks of dirty dishes. We can help find the reason your dishwasher is refusing to keep things clean. And, we can fix it fast.
  • Washer & Dryer – Don’t resort to prewashing, presoaking, and hanging clothes to dry around the house. We can help find the problem on why your washer won’t spin and your dryer has no heat.
  • Stove – When dinner can’t get done because your stove seems to be stuck in the stone ages, we can help figure out how to light your fire. You may not need a new stove. A simple replacement part or maintenance could get you cooking again.
  • Oven – If your oven is making your cakes fall flat and your hams cook unevenly, there’s definitely a problem. We can help find the solution with our Danville appliance repair. A quick call to KH Appliance and we’ll get your oven back in line in a jiffy.
  • Cooktop – Separate cooktops can sometimes burn out. Our technicians can diagnose the problem quickly and research the cost of a replacement part. We’ll let you know how much it will cost before doing the work so you’re not stuck with an unexpected bill.
  • Microwave – When your kids try to play with the microwave, it could cause some damage. Our technicians service and repair all major brands. You may not need a new microwave. Let us check it out before you put it on the curb.
  • Ice Maker – If your icemaker seems to have lost its purpose, let KH Appliance technicians see if we can put the fire back in its belly. We can service some appliance the same day with our Danville appliance repair.
  • FreezerKH Appliance also services and repairs upright and chest freezers. If your garden’s veggies are suffering from freezer burn, we might be able to help get your freezer working properly again.

Our company understands you because we’re one of you. We’re locally owned and operated. We are your neighbors. We’re not a large corporation that assigns you a customer number and sticks you at the back of the line. When you call KH Appliance for your Danville appliance repair, you’re calling the guy who lives down the street. We’ve worked to support and keep Bay Area homes up and running since 2008.


Danville Appliance Repair at No Extra Cost

We don’t think charging our customers extra for weekend service calls seems fair. That’s why we’re open on most weekends and even some holidays. If you have an emergency and we’re open, there will be no additional cost for your service call. And you can trust us to be up front and honest with the fees you might be charged during your appliance repair. Most other appliance repair shops expect your emergencies to happen from 9-5 on Monday through Friday. That’s hardly ever the case. When you have a fridge full of groceries, you need to know it will get fixed fast. Call KH Appliance and find out just how fast our technician can get there.

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Danville Appliance Repair with a 3 Month Warranty

Repair companies and mechanics seem to always have you over a barrel. You pay what they charge you and you learn to bite your tongue because they know you have no other choice. KH Appliance knows you have another choice, but we want you to know we’re your best choice. That’s why we offer you a three-month warranty on our workmanship. You already have a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee on the new parts being used in your appliance. Now, it’s time to know that if something goes wrong and it was our fault, you’re covered. Your Danville appliance repair is important to us and we want to keep your business.

KH Appliance is the best choice when it comes to Danville appliance repair. We work hard to get your life back in line so you’re not stuck washing clothes in the bathtub or cooking in your fireplace. We’re a local company with a heart that is owned and operated by your neighbors. You can trust us. These are just a few reasons to keep KH Appliance’s number on the fridge. After all, it’s why we are your best choice in Danville appliance repair.

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